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What Is Personal Injury Law?

There are many areas of the law that can an attorney can specialize in. Some common areas might include family law, medical malpractice, and personal injury law. The non-professional may ask, “What is personal injury law?” The answer is this: Personal injury is the area of the law that focuses on the rights of individuals who have been injured because of the misconduct or negligence of another person or entity. Businesses, government agencies, and individuals can all be held liable when a person claims that their injuries were caused by negligence.

Is Personal Injury a Legal Specialty?

When asking yourself “What is personal injury law?,” you may also wonder if personal injury is a legal specialty. The answer is “yes.” It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to understand all the intricacies of the law when it comes to personal injury cases. When someone claims that the negligence was the cause of their injury and accuses a company or individual of responsibility for their injury, it must be proven to a judge or jury in order to obtain compensation. This requires specialized knowledge of the law. There are also varying degrees of injury, each with different compensation allowances. A skilled attorney who is practiced in this area of the law would readily know each injury type and what kind of compensation a victim might expect. When asking yourself “What is personal injury law?” keep in mind that there are attorneys who specialize in this complex arena who can help you if you have been injured due to the negligence of another.

Friedman & Friedman Are Attorneys in Miami Who Know Personal Injury Law

If you have been in any type of accident in Miami, you should speak with an attorney at Friedman & Friedman today. We specialize in personal injury cases, and our experienced attorneys are available to provide a free initial consultation regarding your potential claim. Not all accidents give rise to personal injury lawsuits. Let our attorneys help you determine whether or not filing suit is appropriate in your case. Simply call (305) 446-6485 (toll free 800-446-6482) or submit our free, no-obligation case review form online to schedule your free consultation. We also offer a contingent-fee arrangement in most personal injury cases, which means you won't pay an attorney's fee unless we win your case.


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